On the corner with Church Street in Newtown. Stood under the splendid gas lamp is landlord George Adams which dates the picture to the late 1890s. The Dove was the last remaining pub in Newtown when it was demolished in 1969. This photograph was kindly sent from Yeovil England by David Adams, grandson of George.

CENSUS 1861.
Robert Loveridge 51, head married, blacksmith, Simonsbury Dorset
Elizabeth Loveridge 45, wife married, Welton Somerset
Sarah Loveridge 7, daughter scholar, St.Philip’s Bristol

CENSUS 1871.
Robert Loveridge 61, head married, licensed victualler, Simonbury Dorset
Elizabeth Loveridge 55, wife married, Wilton Somerset
Sarah A. Loveridge 17, daughter unmarried, Bristol

CENSUS 1881.
Edwin H. Dowding 27, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Minchinhampton
Kate Dowding 24, wife married, Gloucestershire Badminton
Liza Sandling 27, visitor unmarried, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Minchinhampton
Kate Lily 7, niece scholar, Gloucestershire Minchinhampton

CENSUS 1891.
Sidney T. Sturges 33, head married, licensed victualler, Wiltshire Road
Ellen E. Sturges 30, wife married, Bristol
Ellen H. T. Sturges 9, daughter, Bristol

CENSUS 1901.
William Reardon 33, head married, licensed victualler, London Fulham
Catherine Reardon 37, wife married, Yorkshire Sheffield
Thomas Reardon 7, son, Bristol

CENSUS 1911.
George (Henry) Wilkins 57, head married, license holder, St.George Gloucestershire
Annie Wilkins 56, wife married, assisting in business, St.George Gloucestershire
Edith Wilkns 22, daughter single, dressmaker, St.George Gloucestershire
Flossie Wilkins 18, daughter single, barmaid, St.George Gloucestershire
Jessie Wilkins 17, daughter single, St.George Gloucestershire

DOVE INN  Trinity Street

1861 - 75. Robert Loveridge
1877 - 78. John Odey
1879 - 81. Edwin Dowding
1885 - 86. William Hulbert
1887 to 1888. Francis M. Walker
1889. James Kirkbride
1891. William Crouch
1891. Sidney Sturges
1892 - 94. Albert Bickley
1896. Frederick Allen
1897 to 1898. George Adams
1901. William Reardon
1904. C. P. Down
1906. Samuel Collard
1909 - 17. George Wilkins
1921 - 28. William T. Bleakeny
1931 - 50. James Greenwood
1953. Robert Elliott

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